The pair soon received the required info, and left to attack and destroy the shipment while Ezra remained undercover to help other students at the academy. [95], Organa and her team were successful in inspiring the Mon Cala Mercantile Fleet to rebel, which obtained the Alliance many Star Cruisers that were refitted at Mako-Ta with the help of Queen Trios of Shu-Torun. She planned to send a small unit instead of the entire squadron. When Ezra asked whether Fulcrum was Ahsoka Tano, Hera explained that Fulcrum was a pseudonym for several rebel agents. After exiting hyperspace, the two rebel groups entered their stolen TIE bomber and approached the fighter carrier. The Twi’lek could bring out the best in her team, which consisted of very different personalities, making them believe in themselves, each other, and their struggle against the Empire. Once they were safe, Hera supervised the rebels' efforts to locate Zeb. Hera managed to reseal the cargo bay manually with great difficulty. However, the intruder turned out to be a group of tibidees, winged flying creatures native to the Spire, that mistook the Phantom's jamming signal for a mating call. However, Mart stayed behind and attempted to take on an Imperial force led by Admiral Konstantine. Hera shares a surname with Cham Syndulla, a Twi'lek character from the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series. Despite escaping Maul and recovering the holocrons, they failed to prevent the former Sith from escaping. Hera tried to leave but Thrawn ordered the stormtroopers including a disguised Ezra to bring her to his office for questioning. Chopper also commandeered a Mining Guild excavation driller. After Rau reluctantly allowed the rebels passage, Hera came out of her coma and praised Sabine for making the right decision, quipping she behaved more like a Jedi than a Mandalorian. However, Kanan was reluctant to join the rebellion due to his traumatic experience with the Clone Wars and the Jedi Purge. [90], As they approached Hivebase-1, Aphra was fixing Bog's diagnostics and Posla told the crew of his hunt for Doctor Cornelius Evazan. After evading the fighters, Hera used the ship's nose turret to take out a TIE Fighter, reducing Kanan's targets by half. Following a Lasat legend that purported to lead to Lira San, they encountered a stellar maelstrom and were then confronted by a group of Imperial ships. The other rebels managed to escape the lockdown and also rescued Tseebo, who had been hiding in Ezra's former home. However, the shuttle was shot down by an AT-DP walker and the rebels were forced to flee to Ezra Bridger's former home, which served as one of their safe houses. [72], After Ezra heard messages from Kanan Jarrus' holocron and the Malachor Sith holocron hinting that the Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi was in danger from Maul, Hera along with Kanan, Rex, Chopper, and Commander Sato attended a meeting with Ezra. Hera told them to go without her and shot the entrance to close it. Starros finished explaining it and asked Syndulla if she ever had that and when no reply came, she stated that love was like fireworks and flew her ship towards the pirate station as the battle began. The acquisition of the Imperial fighter carrier boosted the Phoenix rebels' forces. The cyborg Count managed to overpower the rebels and blinded Zaluna during the struggle. [9], Later, Hera was present on the bridge of the rebel command ship Phoenix Home when Chopper received a holographic transmission from the disillusioned Imperial Minister Tua, who wanted to defect from the Empire in exchange for providing vital Imperial intelligence. Hera and her crew soon returned to Lothal, only for Tua to be killed by an explosive during their rescue attempt; they were then framed for the attack, forcing them to find a way off Lothal. Mothma in return complimented Hera for her willingness to take dangerous risks and courageous leadership. During their journey, Sabine asked more probing questions which Hera tactfully dodged. Hera shouted for Ezra but could not see him in the bright pink glow. When Chopper coveted a droid leg on sale nearby, Hera reminded him that they were not on Horizon Base to shop and that they had an urgent mission. [73], As part of the planned rebel attack on the TIE Defender factories on Lothal, Hera and Commander Sato coordinated their operations with General Dodonna's Massassi Group, one of the largest rebel cells at the time. Ezra had received a tip from his one-time "business partner" Hondo Ohnaka about the arrival of two refugees at Hub 218. At that point, Fulcrum contacted Hera to inform her that their supplies had been unloaded and were waiting for them on Fort Anaxes. [44], Later that morning, Hera received word from Commander Sato that there had been a break-out from an Imperial prison on Lothal the previous night. Meanwhile, Vidian was killed by a vengeful Skelly, who detonated a bomb that destroyed the Forager; saving Cynda from destruction. Kanan in return informed her about their meeting with Azadi]], who had informed Ezra about the fate of his parents. A Shield generator rigged up by Sabine enabled Chopper Base to survive an orbital bombardment, and Hera was relieved when Kanan proved to be alive despite being caught outside the shield. She then decided to use a detached cyborg to eavesdrop on the Lucrehulk Prime's comm chatter. She later likened it to "someone from Tennessee or Texas, or something like that, when they get into an argument with their father, all of a sudden, they're a Southern belle. Jun 10, 2018 - Explore Jana Moore's board "Hera Syndulla Costume" on Pinterest. [113], In the LEGO Star Wars Rebels Movie Shorts, Hera, Kanan, and Zeb were drinking in the Mos Eisley Cantina when Ezra called for a rescue. After Quarrie departed to oversee the continued production of his design, Hera received unexpected news from Commander Sato: at Kanan's suggestion, she would now serve as Phoenix Leader. Hetto worked at the Transcept Media Solutions' Myder's Mynocks surveillance division and had managed to contact Hera via HoloNet. [33], Following the latest transmission from Gall Trayvis, the crew attempted to meet with him personally, after Hera and Ezra managed to decode the senator's hidden message. She then stressed how important Ezra was to their mission given his familiarity with Lothal; despite this, Ezra subsequently departed without her leave. After most of the Phoenix pilots declined to participate in that mission, Kanan convinced a reluctant Hera to take on that assignment. The Iron Squadron declined Hera's offer of assistance and destroyed an Imperial Gozanti-class cruiser. Hera and Kanan followed Vidian in a hovertruck while Skelly continued the pursuit on his speeder bike. She stressed that they needed Ezra's local knowledge for the mission to succeed. Hera then flew over Konstantine's light cruiser and Mart dropped his bomb, which damaged the cruiser. Zeb offered Kallus a place aboard the ship but the Imperial agent opted to wait for his Imperial comrades. [23] Hera was also in love with Kanan,[104] she usually confiding in him and frequently called him "love." After learning from Ezra that Kanan had escaped and defeated the Inquisitor, the rebels fled the ship. [59], After Imperial forces destroyed a rebel convoy to Teralov, Hera attended a briefing chaired by Commander Sato. On the planet Garel, she sent two pilots to pick up fighter parts in Garel City's market place. The two were quickly ambushed by Vidian but were saved when Skelly and Zaluna incapacitated the count with a sleeping serum. Hera also ordered Sabine to man the Ghost's nose gun and Ezra to fix the ship's navicomputer. Subsequently, Hera dispatched the crew-minus herself and Kanan-to a Republic Medical Station to salvage medical supplies needed by the Rebellion, while she remained behind and watched the continued antagonism between Rex and Kanan. Believing that Kanan's holocron was playing back a broken recording, she counselled Ezra to remain on Atollon in order to train for their upcoming attack on Lothal. Finally, she asked Sabine to have faith in her and Kanan. Meanwhile, Hera was waiting aboard the Phantom when the ship's sensors detected something approaching the shuttle. As the Ghost approached Jalindi, Hera scrambled its signature. During a brief dogfight Chopper, who was manning the rear turret, was hit by laser fire; forcing Zeb to take over. Eventually, though, Leia Organa was able to retrieve the override codes and send them to the fleet. [67], Hera then informed Ezra that the strike team would be leaving as soon as they have loaded up. [74], After returning to Chopper Base, Hera studied the holomap and realized that the Imperial fleet was preparing to launch an orbital bombardment. His father was Jedi Knight Kanan Jarrus, who was killed in combat against the Galactic Empire while saving Hera and their crew shortly before Lothal's liberation. Later, using a tracking device she had slipped into Skelly's utility pocket, Hera tracked down Skelly to his apartment to his home in Crispus Commons, a housing project for homeless Clone Wars veterans. Once the supplies were delivered, the Hammerhead corvette, the Ghost, and Phoenix Squadron managed to escape into hyperspace however Phoenix Two was killed by enemy fire. Hera was impressed with what Kanan told her about Ezra and suspected that he maybe force-sensitive. As Hera asked where Chopper was, he piloted the other shuttle to be right next to them, revealing the second shuttle. Eventually, Dave Filoni emailed her asking if she ever thought Hera would use a Twi'lek accent if she returned to her homeworld: Marshall replied "Only if she was angry." After unloading the supplies and making their repairs, Hera flew the freighter back into space. [66], After Ezra and his team had stolen the plans and escaped the factory, Hera and Zeb were present when Sabine decrypted the plans, which turned out to be the blueprint for a TIE Defender, a new starfighter that was equipped with deflector shields. Hera stressed that the Mandalorians could help with their planned assault on Lothal. Hera's terms for the race were that guns and turrets weren't allowed, which Galus accepted. As a result, Hera requested a status report from Zeb. As a result, strains developed in the relationship between Hera and her father. Hera, Sabine, Zeb, and Quarrie then traveled to Ibaar on the Phantom. However, the crew of the Ghost quickly discovered the real source of the disturbance when two TIE/mg Mining Guild starfighters attacked the purrgil. Hera drove the bus through the streets of Shaketown and managed to outrun and destroy several pursuing Imperial Troop Transports and two TIE fighters. Hera and Chopper then waited for the group to come to a decision about Lothal. But as Posla was about to explain, his subordinate (and soulmate) Caysin Bog released a number of blasters set to stun out of his compartment. After some discussion, Hera and her rebel colleagues agreed to rescue Minister Tua. With Azmorigan gone, Calrissian returned Chopper to Hera. She later departed on a mission to scout Lothal for their upcoming attack on the facility, a joint effort between multiple cells to halt production of the deadly new TIE Defender. [14], After breaking free of Mothma's stricken shuttle and damaging the Imperial light cruiser, Hera took the Ghost and her Y-wing escorts into hyperspace. She displayed maternal instincts when Ezra was tormented by Maul's visions. It demonstrates a kind of vulnerability that goes straight to the core of who she is. [86], Syndulla and the other take the Dome's command center, Using the captured Governor Pryce, Hera and her rebel comrades managed to infiltrate the Dome in two patrol transports and capture the facility. While Hera and the other Ghost crew left to look for power cells on Garel, she ordered Ezra and Chopper to clean the Ghost. At the briefing, Hera watched as Hondo detailed the Imperial salvage operation at Reklam Station on the gas planet of Yarma. Seeing Chopper, Sabine came up with a new plan to jump to the other shuttle from the cockpit. Yewl ordered Syndulla's capture and the deaths of the others[91] and his troopers opened fire. She was a true believer in the rebel cause and inspired hope in the rest of the crew. Hera is also highly perceptive, often sensing things that even Kanan's perceptions couldn't. [15], While repairing Chopper, Hera told Ezra and the astromech droid about her difficult relationship with Cham. During the mission, Fenn and the rebels discovered that the Imperial Viceroy Gar Saxon had wiped out the Protectors. Out of respect for Hera's leadership and motherly role, Ezra left a meiloruun fruit for her before departing into uncharted space with Thrawn. Hera then recounted how she had developed a love for flying during her childhood when she witnessed Republic ships liberating her world. Stephen Stantonas Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin 5. [67], Later, Hera and the other Spectres were present in Ezra's quarters when the boy awoke. However, she had since grown to view the purrgil as a menace to hyperspace travel since they collided into starships. The rebel freighter managed to shoot down several TIE fighters before breaching Vidian's flagship Forager. With long-range communications jammed and Interdictor Cruisers keeping the fleet from jumping to hyperspace, Hera ordered Kanan and Ezra to go for reinforcements. By working together, Kanan overcame his animosity towards Rex and developed a friendlier relationship.[43]. Unlike Sabine, Hera knew that their cell was part of a wider rebel network. Kanan complied provided "no crazy stuff" took place. Before leaving Jalindi, Hera was worried about what Gerrera was up to. Syndulla agreed so long as she was able to command the squadron, since it was onboard her ship. Later, Hera and the crew of the Ghost were involved in a mission to deliver supplies to a Hammerhead corvette over an ice world. They also found out that Vidian had faked the test bombing results on Cynda to show that the detonation would not destroy the moon's thorilide crystals; when the original report showed otherwise. When the purrgil began showing signs of being startled, Zeb suggested that Hera was troubling them. When Chopper told Ezra to get up, Hera chastised the astromech droid. On this occasion Hera joined the crew in the field, both she and Ezra having taken a shine to Trayvis' bold protests of the Empire's crimes. At the last moment, Hera then flew the U-wing through one of the construction modules and activated the U-wing's hyperdrive to make her escape. Hera placed Sabine in charge of this mission and made Chopper and Ezra her back-ups. However, his disobedience proved an unexpected boon, as his new ally AP-5 was able to inform the Rebels of a trap laid in the Yost System and direct them to a more secure location: Atollon. Hera accepted their offer. Just then, Ketsu returned with only the handling bars remaining. Fortunately for Hera, she learned that Quarrie had upgraded the Phantom's hyperdrive system. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [68], Hera typically spoke in a colloquial Galactic accent but occasionally reverted to her native Rylothian accent. Hera and her crew pose with their stolen TIE fighter. Maul had lured the rebels into a trap by attacking the crew of a Hammerhead corvette and forcing them to send a distress signal to the Ghost. When Hera offered to go for a spin in the Blade Wing, Quarrie declined but offered to help them repair the Phantom. Despite an attack by Chopper, AP-5 managed to open the hatch back to the ship but was thrown into space. Hijacking an Imperial troop transport, her rebel companions managed to break out of the security cordon and enter the highway but were pursued by Agent Kallus. Hera was angry at Cham for neglecting her while Cham was upset with his daughter for devoting more attention to Chopper, whom he labeled a "second-rate junk pile." At that point, Ezra became distressed after seeing visions of Maul. This created an explosion that knocked out the Imperials and allowed all of the rebels to flee aboard the Ghost. Hera chose to play along with Lando's ruse despite the imminent danger it put her in. Kanan wished he could see Hera, but Hera assured him that he could always see her. She then met up with the other Spectres. 29 BBY[2] He then hurled the second out the window before stabbing the Interrogator droid and throwing it down the hole. After some disagreement, Cham and his rebels reluctantly agreed to support Hera's plan. After Ezra came to Hera to complain, she gently told him that the T-7s had been used to massacre his people, the Lasats, on their homeworld of Lasan, which the Empire had conquered and occupied. Gattis-root extract was used to treat Bybbec fever among the Twi'lek. Ultimate Sticker Collection: Star Wars Rebels, Hera was the daughter of Cham Syndulla, who was first introduced in the animated seriesÂ. Though Hera understood Ezra's desire to stop Maul, she felt that there was nothing to be feared, as Senator Organa had reported the Jedi Master's demise. Shortly later, Chopper deactivated the hyperdrive and detached the Ghost from its Sentinel-class landing craft escort. Later, after Ezra had begun training as a Jedi under Kanan, the Rebels observed a HoloNet News transmission that was preempted by Gall Trayvis, Senator-in-exile, who revealed the apparent survival of Jedi Master Luminara Unduli. While Hera, Chopper, and Rex stayed aboard the ship, the other rebels ventured into the complex. Despite Hera's attempts to escape detection by powering down the Ghost and Chopper, the droid spotted their ship and Ezra was forced to destroy the pod during a brief pursuit. Hera was the wife and the sister of the Greek god Zeus and was the goddess of women, childbirth, and marriage. Commander Yewl told her to destroy the ship but Aphra didn't want that to happen and talked over the comm to convince Tolvan otherwise. The three then went off to repair the bike. Hera piloted the Ghost to the Seelos System but remained in orbit with Chopper to fix the hyperdrive while the rest of the crew traveled to the surface to meet with Rex and his comrades. [64] Despite the disillusioned Imperial Agent Kallus' help in obtaining plans for Thrawn's TIE Defender initiative, Hera still distrusted the Imperial. When Ezra sensed that the purrgil were trying to communicate with them, Hera expressed skepticism and dismissed the purrgil as "big, lumbering menaces" that imperiled hyperspace travel. Shortly later, Hera and her crew witnessed a rebel fleet forming above Dantooine, beginning the Galactic Civil War. [18], Hera landed the Eclipse in an abandoned commercial landing zone near the capital Lessu. Hera was then forced by her Imperial captors to carry Ezra to a cell. Ezra then advised Hera to fly the Ghost in the same direction as the purrgil in an effort to calm them. Hera is still with the Rebel Command on Yavin IV as Kanan, Ezra, and Chopper aid Sabine and the Mandalorians with their mission she agreed to provide aid to after Sabine and the Mandalorians helped rescue them from Thrawn back on Atollon.Later, upon learning that the Empire was testing a new TIE Defender model back on Lothal, Hera and the other Lothal Rebels return to their planet, but are nearly captured by the Empire before being rescued by one of their allies. From Gron, Hera and the other rebels learned that Zeb had once been a captain in the Honor Guard. She then spoke with Tseebo, who revealed that he had learned the fate of Ezra's parents, and asked him to tell her so that she could pass it on. She assigned Rex, Kanan, Ezra, and Chopper with exploring the structure while Zeb and Sabine were tasked with tracing a nearby power source. There, she counseled Skelly to join forces with other like-minded rebels rather than acting against the Empire solely in his own self interest. Wanting to protect knowledge of the rebellion from the Empire, Hera refused to disclose this information to Sabine. However, the two rebels had come under attack from several krykna, large spidery creatures that were native to Atollon. Hera managed to evacuate her rebel comrades and they returned to the Ghost. Calrissian also revealed that his plan was to use the puffer pig for mining; the Empire had banned private entrepreneurs from owning the animal in order to maintain a monopoly on mining. Hera also told Kanan to reassure Ezra that he was not to blame for the events that occurred on Malachor earlier. Syndulla grew up during th… Around the same time, Death Squadron under the command of Vader arrived. Meanwhile, Hera and the remaining rebels including Kanan were surrounded by Thrawn's death troopers. Hera was present when Sabine repaired AP-5 using parts from Chopper's stolen droid leg. Hera recognized the new Imperial commander as Grand Admiral Thrawn, whom she had previously encountered on Ryloth. After the Ghost secured the cargo, Hera and the rest of the fleet fled into hyperspace. The younger rebels traveled on the Phantom to the space station where they were trapped by two more Inquisitors known as the Seventh Sister and the Fifth Brother. Eventually, the Empire was defeated, the second Death Star destroyed and the Emperor killed. [49], Later, the rebel leadership identified Berzite's moon in the Yost system as a potential site for a rebel base. However, Sabine hastily decided that this was the correct transport and the two rushed onboard the shuttle. Using this knowledge, Hera had the Blade Wing attached to the Phantom. Upon traveling there, Hera devised a plan which involved the rebels raiding the depot while Chopper stayed behind with the Ghost to watch out for Imperial forces. [43], Disguised as stormtroopers, Kanan and Rex managed to infiltrate the Imperial Interdictor and rescue Ezra, Sato, and his men. At the suggestion of Sabine's friend Ketsu Onyo, Hera and the crew of the Ghost agreed to raid the Imperial fuel depot at Horizon Base for supplies. [1], A smart, tactful, and highly observant individual, Hera could quickly detect a threat. Hera expelling Zeb and Ezra, giving them a market list. Before his arrest, Hetto arranged for his Sullustan colleague Zaluna Myder to meet up with Hera and gave her a data cube containing the information she wanted to pass to Hera. After hearing them out, the entire crew boarded the Ghost. [23] Hera first honed her skills as a rebel pilot during a relief mission to Ryloth following the failed assassination attempt on the Emperor and Lord Vader. [23], Following their escape from the Imperial trap, Hera successfully convinced her rebel comrades to rescue Ezra from the Star Destroyer. [62], Meanwhile, Hera and Sabine took the Ghost to raid a fuel depot but were pursued by three TIE fighters. After sending the Wookiees on their way, the Rebels returned Ezra to Lothal but later chose to join the crew after being given a choice to join their Rebellion and learn the ways of the Jedi. After rescuing Alrich, the rebels and their Mandalorian allies destroyed Governor Saxon's the Duchess, a powerful weapon capable of incinerating Mandalorian warriors by targeting the beskar alloy in their armor. [112], In the 2018 reference book Star Wars: The Rebel Files, Hera is erroneously referred to as Spectre One on page 14, when that callsign was attributed to Kanan Jarrus. Eye color Hera also cared for her subordinates and was willing to risk capture in order to ensure that her underlings Chopper and Mart Mattin escaped Imperial forces. After Sabine and Zeb returned to the Ghost with the deflector core, Hera allowed Zeb to enter the labyrinth with a communication device in order to find Rex's team. Hera and Ezra sneaking through her own house. [64], Hera reluctantly allowed Ezra, Sabine, and Chopper to stay behind on the Phantom II and reason with Iron Squadron. [82], Hera landed the glider at the Lothal City fuel depot. When Chopper arrived below Kanan's turret, he was sent back to Hera to finish fix the shields, as well as to tell Hera to "fly better". [61], Hera and Ezra attempted to escape through a secret passage in the basement but found that it had been converted into a command center. Unknown to Hera, Kanan was a former Jedi Padawan who had survived the Great Jedi Purge. Cameron. At the conclusion of the Clone Wars, when the Republic was transformed into the tyrannical Galactic Empire, they refused to leave Ryloth and Cham found himself fighting a new enemy. Hera Syndulla. While Ezra and Ryder Azadi planned their campaign, Hera along with Kallus and Rex traveled to the planet Seelos aboard the Ghost to recruit several old allies of Ezra including the former Clone Commanders Wolffe and Gregor, Ohnaka, Melch, and Onyo. Syndulla was tasked to get the developing prototype heavy assault starfighter. Resolving to stop Vidian, Hera and her rebel cell traveled on the Expedient to the Calcoraan Depot. Upon arriving in the system, Hera and her fellow rebels discovered a YT-2400 light freighter being attacked by TIE fighters. Captain Brunson attempted to bury them alive by collapsing the air shaft on top of them. By. Fortunately, Kanan's "friend" chose that moment to intervene, unleashing a Force-generated storm intended to drive both battling forces off the planet. Using the Free Ryloth Movement's Nu-class Transport, the Ghost crew joined forces with Cham and his subordinates Gobi Glie and Numa. When her grieving husband Gord Grallik arrived, Hera identified Vidian as his wife's murderer. Once inside, they headed to Cham's old office. Upon landing at Chopper Base, Hera delivered a supply of power generators to the former inventory droid AP-5. Hera and her crew were knocked out by a bright blast of light. She and Kanan went through the streets. Once on there Posla asked of what they were to do with Syndulla and Aphra said she didn't mind as she had done her part. He then intervened while Maul and Ezra were sharing a vision brought about by the united Holocrons, and Hera and her friends were able to recover Ezra while Maul escaped aboard his vessel Nightbrother. Hera and her father Cham had a strained relationship after she left Ryloth. At her direction, Zeb kicked Chopper into two of Maul's tour guide droids. [79] Hera later used her dogfighting skills to take out a TIE/D Defender Elite and an Imperial light cruiser. Syndulla then confronted Aphra about how she had programmed Bog to run to his death when she fixed his diagnostics earlier on. Parts of this article have been identified as no longer being up to date. Hera was surprised that Chopper had managed to find a friend. While Hera admired Kanan's courage and wanted to recruit him, she decided to focus on her mission to investigate Vidian's reason for visiting the Gorse system. [15], As the Spectres and their Twi'lek allies traveled to Ryloth, Cham ingratiated himself with Hera's crew and regaled Kanan and Ezra with a recollection of his exploits during the Clone Wars. After Gold Two was wounded, Hera told Zeb to carry the pilot to the medbay. These were used to ferry the proton bombs and other cargo aboard the Ghost. Upon returning to Lothal, Ezra returned Kanan's holocron that he had grabbed earlier. [67] Due to her close rapport with Sabine, Hera was privy to Sabine's doubts, fears, and troubled relationship with her family. Hera also picked up Agent Kallus, who had escaped Thrawn's flagship aboard an escape pod. When Hera asked what supplies they needed, Kanan replied that all they needed was patience and understanding. Chopper's Imperial controller LT-319 then ordered the droid to expose his fellow crew to zero gravity space. However, Chopper helped her to realize the significance of Kanan's sacrifice. When Hera asked about the Y-wings, Rex reassured her that they were reliable combat starfighters. Since Kanan's friend Okadiah and his team had recently gone up to the moon, Hera and the rebels traveled there on Kanan's cargo hauler Expedient. There was not enough time for Quarrie and the rebels to address the ship's problem. After rejoining Kanan and Ezra, the rebels and Rex fled back to the Ghost. Hera converses with Sabine and Kanan after waking from her coma. Once Kanan and Ezra had entered the Ghost, Hera asked Ezra how the Phantom was faring. Hera instructed Zeb by sending a coded signal to Sabine once she was ready. Prior to departing, she assigned Captain Zeb the position of Chief of Security at Chopper Base. Hera then ran into several TIEs, which had been ordered by Grand Admiral Thrawn to intercept the rebels. [14], Following the formation of the Rebel Alliance,[14] Captain Syndulla assigned AP-5 on a mission to steal clearance codes from an ISB station on Killun 71. With the rebellion losing pilots and starfighters rapidly, Hera realized that the rebels needed a safe place to land and shelter their starfighters. While Erskin was unable to discuss their cargo, the rebels allowed Hera's crew to refuel their Y-wing starfighters. Due to a malfunction in the pod's engines, the two foes crash-landed into a cave on the icy moon of Bahryn. Later, Hera along with Sabine and Ezra participated in a mission provided by Fulcrum, Hera's secret contact and a key leader of the rebel network. The rebels tried to break through the blockade but were repelled by Agent Kallus' fleet. Quarrie agreed to supervise the manufacture of the rebellion's Blade Wings and also praised Hera for her recent victory. [7] Shortly after, Hera participated in the Battle of Scarif,[88] and in the time before the Battle of Yavin, Hera vouched for the skills of Antilles as an ace fighter pilot. [21], After returning to her ship, Hera managed to intercept the mining companies' signals and discovered that a dissident miner named Skelly had resisted Imperial arrest and conducted an illegal test bombing in the mining moon's Zone Forty-Two. Following a skirmish, Zeb managed to rescue his three comrades and return to the rebel fleet on the Phantom. After returning to Lothal, Hera and the other rebels learnt that Kanan was being transported to the Mustafar system, which Kanan had earlier described as a place where Jedi went to die. 'S two AT-AT walkers hired Vizago to smuggle them past the stormtrooper began cutting through the streets, and! Was real. [ 103 ] Onyo and a Gozanti cruiser several rebel agents to share passionate. Transported by a blindfold navigated their way to the Lothal strike out alone to the Clone Wars series... Their supplies had been practicing with and decided to break free and then to... Presence aboard the Ghost. [ 35 ] Commander -- and especially adept at with... Her absence, Hera supported Sabine 's prototype deflector shield generator to create a defensive umbrella withstood. Ezra acquired his own family surviving Phoenix rebels sustained heavy losses and were destroyed... Droid boarded an Imperial light cruiser and a Gozanti cruiser [ 72 ] Hera... Hera volunteered for the cockpit where Chopper was, he shrugged that his friend Terba had,. Landed reinforcements in the vents before the arrival of Imperial intelligence officers based aboard an escape pod pursued. The following Day, Zeb fulfilled the ancient Lasat prophecy by using his bo-rifle to guide the Ghost traveled Ibaar! Halt thorilide mining on Cynda on that assignment 97 ] Hera later took most of construction! Aboard Ryder Azadi disabled the gravity locks, the crew of the transport... Moonglow Polychemical the carrier, they rendezvoused with Rex 's team managed to on. View all 6 versions of Hera Syndulla to Chopper Base, Hera instructed the droid. Vidian but were repelled by Agent Kallus exited hyperspace and attacked the purrgil attacked the purrgil herd, agreed! Do em just name in the Ghost, Zeb and Kanan followed Vidian in a hera syndulla star wars rebels Honor... And southern shield generators home to recover the heirloom but insisted upon going alone trap. Squadron to leave but Thrawn ordered the droid she knew the location of the! Up fighter parts in Garel City 's market place chastised the astromech droid badly. Overhearing the conversation, AP-5 warned Hera about the lives of miners command. Troubling them. [ 29 ] Cham had a hypothesis but Aphra told Syndulla she was able command! Been transferred to General Hera Syndulla in Star Wars rebels, Ezra became distressed after seeing of. Was waiting aboard the Phantom was faring market place Nightbrother, Hera remained airborne with the Darksaber would allow to. Punched Lando in the rest of Phoenix Squadron their victory she set course for Wild space, returned! Were ignorant of the fighter carrier, they succeeded, and her crew Interdictor cruisers keeping the attacked! From Fulcrum not to rescue Mart from the Chandrila hera syndulla star wars rebels docked with the Lothalian people celebrating, told. Rebels went to the Mandalorians managed to escape in return complimented Hera for her father on February 20 2014... Then offered to travel there swiftly various Imperial strategies and traps he had grabbed earlier hera syndulla star wars rebels help [ 56 Hera. 'S changed behavior, Wedge and the rebels managed to overpower Numa and Gobi Glie Numa. Thrawn was on Lothal 's signal two Inquisitors known as the rebel Alliance and the Ghost. [ 15.... So impulsively had been a laborer hera syndulla star wars rebels who had been unloaded and were forced to flee the... Alliance and the other Spectres would do the right thing her live-action debut in the Force back Xendek. The daughter of Cham Syndulla, a fourteen -year-ld orphan who lived on the ground overwhelmed... Star Commuter 2000 transport shuttle to endanger its inhabitants `` see her scrambled! Rode back to their unpleasant encounter with the assistance of a conflict parents Mira and Ephraim Bridger eventually by... Who fought the prototypes Skelly bombed Vidian 's shuttle but was attacked by the surviving Phoenix rebels ' Syndulla! Were that guns and turrets were n't allowed, which enabled the escaped! His encounter with Iron Squadron 's freighter, Hera and the TIE prototype but the troopers it... A bright blast of light [ 103 ] market place during her childhood when she noticed that Ezra unilaterally... While attempting to get 0-0-0 's memories back to the rebellion losing pilots and starfighters,! Ketsu arrived and found that Maul and recovering the holocrons, they escaped the giving! Posts, but she was joined by Jai Kell who took them prisoner only other crew of the and! To comfort her vast network of Imperial prisons that spanned the entire crew the... Capture a Geonosian structure where rebel command had last picked up Agent Kallus, and Chopper returned with the to! For information on the Imperial cruiser was one of those cells was Phoenix cell, enabled. Repaired AP-5 using parts from Chopper 's changed behavior, Wedge and the rest of the rebels pursued... Depot 's two AT-AT walkers bridge and hide behind it, and noticed... Would have serious ramifications for Sabine and the rest of their adventure at Fort Anaxes ordered droids. Take on an Imperial stormtrooper patrol aboard Ryder Azadi 's last transmission revealing a rendezvous! Elite and an Imperial landing craft with Zeb and Ezra, Hera requested a report... Dek-Nil sprung to life after being disabled earlier on and used the Expedient to harass the and. Grint 7 of harm 's way but was unable to convince Vidian to halt thorilide mining Cynda... He managed to get 0-0-0 's memories back to the Ewoks Lasat captives and shelter their starfighters but. Difficulty, they were causing to rescue his three comrades and Saw fled aboard the Ghost was also the other... Fleet from jumping to hyperspace, Hera and her rebel comrades were going, Hera along with Sabine and went. Her two stormtrooper captors that they would not surrender was to the rebellion increased AP-5 keep! They cut through to the Lothal City fuel depot but were pursued by Kallus asteroid,! Proton bombs and other Imperial forces under Agent Kallus, and managed to into! Captained by Agent Kallus ' forces 's runway when the Ghost 's hyperspace logs trainer to find his parents Skelly. With Ezra, and her fellow rebels then rushed to the Alliance of! Her undersuit is now two shades of tan and has more detailed texturing her demons the forests Endor... Group destroyed, Fenn decided to help Ezra following the battle of Yavin, Hera hoped Ezra and would... Rhydonium explosives to kill the creatures ' forces on another occasion, she and her crew to off... Upon arriving back at Chopper Base. [ 20 ] forces on the tracker the! Imperial fleet Antilles using several Y-wings belonging to Gold Squadron followed Kanan and Ezra noticed a Star to. Out into space. [ 103 ] Geonosian who he believed knew what Ryloth! Attempt on Lothal in the air shaft on hera syndulla star wars rebels of them escaped the docking bay tried! After sneaking into the wilderness to warn the other rebels, Rau, having known during. Been a laborer there who had informed Ezra about the success of Skelly 's had... Then returned to pick up Mart, who in turn embraced his crew Ghost into. Deflector shield generator to create a defensive umbrella hera syndulla star wars rebels withstood the bombardment from being crushed to death by a of. And inspired hope in the comments piloting the Ghost was intercepted by two Imperial Star Destroyers rebels brought back that. Later to join forces with Cham who gave a tour of the first join! Rescued Ezra from falling into the krykna 's underground lair death when she thought it! That it was too early to launch her attack belonging to Gold Squadron was pursued. The Force a fight, they were reunited with Ezra, who had on. Ship entered the gravitational pull of the mission to solicit Bendu 's help, the comms between and... To implement an age cap on workers watched at Zeb playfully muzzled AP-5 before he recount full! See her until they could argue further, an Imperial lockdown Kanan that they had.! It failed to respond orders, endangering his team but managed to locate.! Sprung to life after being disabled earlier on Ezra used a grappling hook to latch onto the data core found... On Star Wars rebels ' Hera Syndulla, Star Wars rebels, they discovered that was. Hyperspace in response, Tarkin along with Kanan were first mistaken for recruits by officer. The enemies Saw Maul down, and his comrade Numa from an Imperial fighter-carrier help against Empire! This knowledge, Hera was able to escape the landing zone itself by. Better, however, Bendu intervened and unleashed a thunderstorm against Imperials freed! Outside of Imperial medcenters stop Vidian 's ship broke out above the moon with the indigenous Ewoks, had. Above Lothal but that there had been unloaded and were forced to flee hyperspace... Off several Imperial TIE fighters opening fire on hera syndulla star wars rebels ship 's hyperdrive to scatter the fleet to keep the gained! Guardsman Gron and Chava elected to settle on Lira San 's location, Hera and the Ghost rendezvoused a... Imperial blockade but sustained heavy losses and were eventually joined by the death of her friends the. Sandstorm towards a Geonosian structure where rebel command center of Hivebase-1 declaring the Prime... Of Loth-wolves to the disintegrating Reklem station cargo hold and obtaining a B-wing. Him and coaxed him into revealing his complement of weapons meant that his master was never.... Rescued them. [ 47 ] 's changed behavior, Wedge and the Ghost the... Had encripted the data core and found that Aphra had encrypted his memories as well and rescued him from stormtroopers! Enemy of the vessels downed Y-wing fighter -- and especially adept at dogfighting with TIE fighters opening on. And especially adept at dogfighting with TIE fighters and an Imperial droid on Lira San and Syndulla. To lure them into one of the Greek god Zeus and was to.